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Cooperage   Football   Grounds

The historical Cooperage Football Grounds not only stands for over 100 years of football excellence but also host’s premier tournaments such as the I-League, MDFA matches and the like. The Indian Football School (IFS) is proud to be part of the heritage, history and culture of the Cooperage Football Grounds. The facility is equipped with world class FIFA sanctioned Astro turf pitches where the children will undergo top quality football development programs delivered by the highly experienced and qualified IFS coaching team.

The IFS training facility at the cooperage is also equipped with state of the art changing rooms, lockers, class room, physio room, showering facilities and a cafe.

Andheri   Sports   Complex

The multifaceted Andheri Sports Complex does not only boast of a cricket ground, swimming pool, Squash courts and much more but also state of the art football training facilities in the form of the Indian Football School. Year-round football training programs are conducted on the world class FIFA artificial turf pitches where the players get to train with the very best in coaching and technical development.

The training facilities in the Andheri Sports Complex are fully equipped with changing rooms, classrooms, reception area, gallery for parents,, lockers and shower facility.

  • Flood lights for evening sessions
  • IFS Cafeteria
  • State of the art changing rooms
  • World class football training equipment
  • World class football training equipment


  • World class FIFA Sanctioned Astro Turf Pitches
  • Flood lights for evening sessions
  • State of the art changing rooms
  • Shower facilities
  • Help desk
  • Class rooms
  • Physio Rooms
  • Cafeteria
  • World class football training equipment
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